It’s typical that those that have wavy or curly are so tired of frizzy and unruly hair, and go around wishing for the silky straight hair that they don’t have. Nowadays there are so many ways to get that straight hair that you have always been dreaming of. Some methods are temporary, and others are permanent. Before choosing a treatment, it is important to know the pros and cons of each method, and it is also important to choose the right method for your hair type. That is something your hairdresser can help you with. And while we are talking about hairdressers, make sure you go to one that has a good reputation and that is experienced when it comes to hair straightening. A more experienced person will get the job done properly.

Temporary methods

Temporary methods are great for those who want straight hair for a limited time, maybe for special occasions like a wedding, prom etc. You can temporary straighten out your hair by using a really good straightening balm or spray (make sure it’s a heat protection spray or balm – this will help protect your hair from heat damage), straightening irons (also known as flat irons) or a blow dryer and round brush. With this method your curls will come back instantly if your hair gets wet, it will not work effectively on extremely curly hair, and it frizzes out in humid weather. The upside is that it is a very cheap method.

Permanent (chemical) methods

Permanent methods are a great solution for those who feel like they can not live with their curls on a daily basis. Permanent hair straightening is done by using chemical treatments that permanently removes your curls. This method works great on extremely curly hair. There are different types of permanent hair straightening, and it can be quite expensive compared to temporary hair straightening. It also depends on what kind of technique you choose.

Permanent hair straightening techniques:

  • Chemically straightening (also known as the hair relaxing treatment)
  • Keratin treatment (also known as the Brazilian straightening treatment)
  • Japanese straightening (also known as thermal reconditioning)

Side effects of temporary hair straightening:

  • You have to repeat the technique to retain the look
  • Excessive dryness and brittleness
  • Loss of natural shine and split ends

Side effects of permanent hair straightening:

  • You have to repeat the technique to retain the look
  • Excessive dryness and brittleness
  • The root of the hair will be curly while growing out and the rest will be straight
  • It can damage the hair texture
  • It can cause hair fall, loss of natural shine and split ends
  • It can cause an itchy scalp and dandruff

After treatment:

  • Make sure you use recommended styling products as recommended by your hairdresser
  • Do not scrub your hair hard when drying it – just pat it gently with a towel
  • Make sure you follow the specified rules given to you by your hairdresser
  • Make routine visits to your salon
  • Drink lots of water and eat healthy so you can restore health and nutrition to your hair

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