Have you used eyebrow gel to grooming your precious brows? The gel keeps your brows in place, and assists in defining their shape. While there’s clear gel for a natural and everyday look, you can also achieve extra color from tinted varieties, offering a more dramatic appearance. Here is more information about this cosmetic wonder for an instant brow pick-me-up!

What Are Eyebrow Gels For?

The main purpose of this cosmetic product, the popularity of which has surged in recent years, is to keep your eyebrow hairs in place. Use the gel to shape your brows and direct them in a specific direction. This product comes in a small bottle made of glass or plastic, and comes with a brush similar to mascaras. The attached brush works its magic on grooming your brows.

Eyebrow gels come in various formulations. Some are thick and sticky, while others are more fluid and lightweight. Just like in choosing hair grooming/beautifying products like eyelash growth serums, we suggest you try different brand to find the one that suits your hair type best. Note, too, that some eyebrow gel brands may flake, or be too light to work efficiently.

What Type of Eyebrow Gel to Choose

Shopping for one can get overwhelming if it’s your first time. Eyebrow gels come in two forms: clear and tinted. Most are clear, but there are more and more products coming out that boast of different colors, helping you lighten or darken the shade of your brows. Dark brown, light brown, and light blond are some common varieties, and you can try these shades at the department store or boutique to see what works best with your skin tone and hair color. There are brands, too, that contain glitter for a touch of glamour or drama.

Do you have sensitive eyes and worry about using this gel? There are certain eyebrow gels that are composed of all-natural ingredients, such as aloe vera. There are waterproof ones, too, and require an effective eye makeup removed to be taken off. Women with sensitive eyes should avoid the glittery type, going for a natural and hypoallergenic formulation that is also safe for contact lens.

Now, how about applying eyebrow gel? Star at the inner corner of your eye. Brush your brows up and out using gentle stroke. Use the gel as a styling aid once you have tweezed or waxed unruly, stubborn brow hair. It can help you achieve a perfect arch shape for the color and shape of your eyes and face.

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