A lipstick is like the basic and inevitable makeup item a girl carries with her. Even if she is not wearing the mascara, or eye liner, or the basic foundation and blush, she will definitely apply a lipstick on her lips, to grab the maximum eye balls surrounding her. But you must know which colour and shade you should opt for while applying a lipstick. Getting a wrong colour or shade will just ruin your entire look, so be careful. Here are some useful lipstick tips that will help you on how to choose lipstick colour and the right shade.

Choose As Per Your Complexion, Understand Your Undertone

Your skin tone may vary from fair, fair to wheatish to wheatish, ivory, tanned and dark complexion types. You should always determine your complexion first before choosing your lipsticks. This is one of the most important lipstick tips a girl should always keep in mind. Usually if your veins on the wrist appear blue or purple then you have a cool skin tone, in case they appear green then you have a warm skin tone;but if it seems difficult to determine the vein colour, then you have a neutral skin tone and can choose colours from both the cool and warm spectrum. Rich red or red with a purple undertone, shades of pink, peach, orange; all these seem to go really well with the light complexion. Apart from the neutral shades, different shades of orange and tangerine seem cool for darker skin. Certain shades of red with orange undertone and berry colours look vibrant on dark complexion. Consult professional beauticians, who offer makeup services, if you are unable to get your complexion don’t understand how to choose lipstick colour.

Compare With Your Lip Colour As Well

Do not forget to consider the colour of your lip while you are choosing lipsticks. Always choose a few shades darker for your lipstick, in accordance to your own lip colour. You may ask professional beauticians, who offer makeup services; to help you out in this.

Different Colours For Different Purposes

Different colours and shades bring out different effect on your lips and face. Some bright colours make your lips look bigger and fuller, while some dark shades make your lips look thinner. So first decide on what kind of look you want to flaunt depending upon the occasion you are attending. Light shades of lipsticks add plumpness and dark shades turn your lips smaller.

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