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What You Need To Know About Beauty Products And Protecting Your Skin

Most people know that people will accept them no matter how they look. They simply choose to maximize their appearance to accentuate the positives and hide any of the minor flaws that we see in the mirror each day. This article will offer some suggestions to maximizing the effects of your beauty products and improve your skins health and appearance at the same time.

While we often put our make-up on and smile, we tend to forget there are some underlying points that need to be remembered to prevent any damage to your skin in the future. Continue to read further to learn more.

One fact we often forget is that we need to keep our skin hydrated at all times. Many forms of make-up, powder and cream, can actually damage the skin over a period of time so it is important that you choose the right products.

You are trying to stay away from oil based products and if at all possible, purchase those that have the vitamins and minerals included to offer nutrients to the skin as well as hydrate it. If you refuse to change products, it is recommended to wash the face thoroughly and clean the pores at the end of the day ensuring the product is removed thoroughly before going to bed at night.

One of the most important features we have is our teeth and dental hygiene. Not only should you brush regularly with a good tooth brush and appropriate cleaning paste, you should add additional cleaning methods to your routine. You should floss at least once a day before going to bed if not after each meal to prevent food from becoming stuck between your teeth leading to decay and foul breath.

You should also use mouthwash regularly to help reduce plaque and kill any of the germs you have in your mouth that leads to bad breath. You aren’t just doing this to improve your breath. It is being done to promote a healthy mouth, eliminating damage to your gums and teeth. The positive is that your breath will be fresh and your teeth white for years to come, highlighting your facial features with a beautiful smile.

Always try to use sunblock when you are outdoors. We all love that deep rich tan but the damage from UV rays is simply too much as you could contract skin cancer and at best, old leathery wrinkled skin in later years from the damage the sun causes to the skin. Sunblock will still allow for a tan, more slowly, but will protect the body from damage that will be irreversible or require surgery in the coming years.

While we tend to not notice, most brands of beauty products actually have expiration dates that should be adhered to. For this reason it is wise to rotate products and throw away any that are expired. The reason for this is that some of the ingredients may not have the same effect they did during the recommended use period leading to potential issues, such as dry skin or simply a poor look when applied.

As you can see, there are some things you need to be aware of when using beauty products or some tips to improve your appearance for better health in the future. Making these suggestions a part of your routine will ensure that you always look your best under any circumstance

5 Secrets To Keep You Looking Fresh Throughout The Day

These days we all want to look fresh and presentable throughout the day. Although the continuous exposure to heat and dirt makes it all the more difficult, we hardly keep any stone unturned to keep us fresh throughout the day.

Some spend hours with different kinds of home-made remedies, others will dab the various face-packs available in the market. And there are people who sit for hours at their neighbouring parlour to get different laser treatments and beauty salon services to get rid of the blemishes and patchy tone off their face.

So before you jump into the never ending well-knit network of expensive salon treatments and therapies what you can do is follow some simple basic rules to keep the toxins out of your way so that you look fresh throughout the day. Read below…

1. Drink Plenty Of Water: Nothing can match the wonders that water does to your body, skin and hair. We all have read in our childhood to drink at least 6-7 glasses of water daily. Water will not only flush out the toxins out of your system, but also keep your hair and skin hydrated, making it healthy.

2. Eat Fresh Fruits And Vegetables: Maintain a good amount of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet to get all the necessary micro and marco elements to you alimentary system. The more you eat healthy the more you get nutrients and the more lustrous become your hair and skin, which eventually maintains a fresh glow on your face.

3. Daily Shower: Don’t forget to have a shower after a tedious day, no matter how tired you are. Cleaning yourself is extremely important. Get a hot bath whenever possible and try to scrub your body on every alternate days to clean the deep pores. It’s very important to clean the private parts on daily basis.

4. Use A Proper Face-Wash That Suits Your Skin Type: Wash your face, neck and hands whenever possible. Use a face-wash that suits your skin type and if possible keep a face-wash having SPF ingredients.

5. Timely Beauty Salon Services To Make Up The Damage Hair And Skin: Lastly, what you can do is call up the beauty experts for various beauty salon services that will amend the damage being done to your skin by the outside pollution and heat. Choose you desired beauty treatment via the websites or mobile apps of salons; that provide you with professional expert at your doorstep.

The trend of calling the salon or beauty services at home or other desired venue has already hit the major metropolitan cities of India. People are randomly soughing for beauty services at home in Mumbai, Pune, Surat, etc.

Healthy Relaxed Hair Care Tips

hair careRelaxed hair needs special care to prevent breakage and hair loss. This is because the chemical process of relaxing weakens hair follicles. But special care doesn’t mean the process has to be complicated. In fact, the less you do to relaxed hair the better.

There are a few simple tips that you can employ to maintain healthy relaxed hair. Keeping your hair well moisturized, limiting the use of heat, and protecting your hair while you sleep will all help


The most important aspect of your relaxed hair care routine should be to keep your hair well moisturized. There are several ways to do this. The first is a pre-poo treatment. This is done by applying oil, such as jojoba, olive or coconut oil, to dry hair and letting it sit for an hour (With or without heat). Then follow with your regular washing routine of shampoo and conditioner (or deep conditioner) .

After washing your hair, you should always use a leave-in conditioner. Leave-in conditioners provide additional moisture and helps to detangle your hair . There are many leave-in conditioners that you can purchase or you can make your own by mixing your favorite conditioner with distilled water in a spray bottle.

You should also moisturize your hair daily. There are many hair creams on the market that provide excellent conditioning properties or you can use a light oil. A company called Moroccanoil provides an extensive line of conditioning products that will leave you hair soft and manageable without weighing it down, or you can use your favorite brand.

Limit The Use Of Heat

Because your hair is in a weakened state after a relaxer it, you want to limit the amount of heat used on your hair. This includes blow drying and the use of a flat iron or curling iron. Roller-setting your hair and letting it air dry is ideal, but if you need to blow dry it, use a cool setting. The same goes for the use of flat irons or curling irons. Most have a temperature control so you can adjust the amount of heat. It is best to use the least amount of heat possible to achieve the desired results, and always use a heat protection product first.

Protect Your Hair At Night

Developing a nightly routine to help protect your hair while you sleep is very important for healthy relaxed hair. When you move your head while you sleep, you risk your hair catching on your pillow causing it to break. To protect your hair, apply a light conditioning cream or Moroccanoil, wrap your hair around your head, and cover it with a silk scarf or cap. Silk cloth will allow your hair to move at night while you sleep.

Relaxed hair care doesn’t have to be complicated. Following these three easy steps of keeping your hair conditioned, limiting the use of heat and protecting it at night can make it easier to maintain healthy relaxed hair.

Here Are Some Useful Tips On How To Choose Lipstick Colour

A lipstick is like the basic and inevitable makeup item a girl carries with her. Even if she is not wearing the mascara, or eye liner, or the basic foundation and blush, she will definitely apply a lipstick on her lips, to grab the maximum eye balls surrounding her. But you must know which colour and shade you should opt for while applying a lipstick. Getting a wrong colour or shade will just ruin your entire look, so be careful. Here are some useful lipstick tips that will help you on how to choose lipstick colour and the right shade.

Choose As Per Your Complexion, Understand Your Undertone

Your skin tone may vary from fair, fair to wheatish to wheatish, ivory, tanned and dark complexion types. You should always determine your complexion first before choosing your lipsticks. This is one of the most important lipstick tips a girl should always keep in mind. Usually if your veins on the wrist appear blue or purple then you have a cool skin tone, in case they appear green then you have a warm skin tone;but if it seems difficult to determine the vein colour, then you have a neutral skin tone and can choose colours from both the cool and warm spectrum. Rich red or red with a purple undertone, shades of pink, peach, orange; all these seem to go really well with the light complexion. Apart from the neutral shades, different shades of orange and tangerine seem cool for darker skin. Certain shades of red with orange undertone and berry colours look vibrant on dark complexion. Consult professional beauticians, who offer makeup services, if you are unable to get your complexion don’t understand how to choose lipstick colour.

Compare With Your Lip Colour As Well

Do not forget to consider the colour of your lip while you are choosing lipsticks. Always choose a few shades darker for your lipstick, in accordance to your own lip colour. You may ask professional beauticians, who offer makeup services; to help you out in this.

Different Colours For Different Purposes

Different colours and shades bring out different effect on your lips and face. Some bright colours make your lips look bigger and fuller, while some dark shades make your lips look thinner. So first decide on what kind of look you want to flaunt depending upon the occasion you are attending. Light shades of lipsticks add plumpness and dark shades turn your lips smaller.

Best Foods For Your Skin

brokoliThere are chances for individuals to have an amazing skin when you are choosing best foods for skin. If you are having the best foods for skin then you can easily fight the outbreaks of acne, enhance the beauty and glow of the skin and also can reduce the occurrence of wrinkles on the skin. Here are some of the food items that can be considered as Holy Grail for maintaining perfect skin. If you are interested in having an amazing skin in spite of your age, here are some of the best foods for your skin

1- Broccoli :

This is the veggie that is really awesome and can have good amount of antioxidants in it that which include vitamin E and C. The presence of vitamin C in this veggie broccoli can help in the production of collagen and also can keep the skin supple and health. Vitamin E present in that can help in protecting the skin membranes and also protecting the skin against the radiation damage of UV rays. Broccoli is the veggie that can help in providing the individuals with so much of good items that can make you choose a better way for having awesome time.

2- Almonds :

Almonds are nuts that can be considered as great sources of the vitamin E. When you are eating almonds in the form of snack then you can add that to the salads, yogurt, baked goods, cereals and so on. You can even serve toasted almonds on chicken, pasta dishes, rice, fish and so on. You must always try to have almonds in moderate amount so that you get the essential nutrients from it and it will not create so much of issues as it is much denser in calories. It is one among the best foods for your skin.

3- Whole Grain Breads and Pasta :

Selenium is the mineral which is an antioxidant that is skin friendly and can be found in the breads and pastas that are made out of whole grain. Selenium helps in protecting the skin against various environmental damages and also in promoting the health of the skin and also elasticity of it. You should always try to get the selenium necessary for your body from the food sources rather than by using the supplements as these can result in many other issues.

4- Strawberry :

Strawberries come with Vitamin C of good amount that can promote anti aging. The amount of Vitamin C that is present in strawberries is much more in grapefruit and oranges. People who include bets foods for skin that has got Vitamin C in them can easily reduce the occurrence of wrinkles and also skin dryness that are related with wrinkles. Vitamin C that is present in strawberry can help in fighting free radicals that can cause damage to collagen and also skin cells. You can have hydrates and smooth skin by apply the mask of berry on the skin at least once in a week. You should always try in including best foods for your skin that are rich in vitamin C.

What You Need To Know About Hair Straightening

It’s typical that those that have wavy or curly are so tired of frizzy and unruly hair, and go around wishing for the silky straight hair that they don’t have. Nowadays there are so many ways to get that straight hair that you have always been dreaming of. Some methods are temporary, and others are permanent. Before choosing a treatment, it is important to know the pros and cons of each method, and it is also important to choose the right method for your hair type. That is something your hairdresser can help you with. And while we are talking about hairdressers, make sure you go to one that has a good reputation and that is experienced when it comes to hair straightening. A more experienced person will get the job done properly.

Temporary methods

Temporary methods are great for those who want straight hair for a limited time, maybe for special occasions like a wedding, prom etc. You can temporary straighten out your hair by using a really good straightening balm or spray (make sure it’s a heat protection spray or balm – this will help protect your hair from heat damage), straightening irons (also known as flat irons) or a blow dryer and round brush. With this method your curls will come back instantly if your hair gets wet, it will not work effectively on extremely curly hair, and it frizzes out in humid weather. The upside is that it is a very cheap method.

Permanent (chemical) methods

Permanent methods are a great solution for those who feel like they can not live with their curls on a daily basis. Permanent hair straightening is done by using chemical treatments that permanently removes your curls. This method works great on extremely curly hair. There are different types of permanent hair straightening, and it can be quite expensive compared to temporary hair straightening. It also depends on what kind of technique you choose.

Permanent hair straightening techniques:

  • Chemically straightening (also known as the hair relaxing treatment)
  • Keratin treatment (also known as the Brazilian straightening treatment)
  • Japanese straightening (also known as thermal reconditioning)

Side effects of temporary hair straightening:

  • You have to repeat the technique to retain the look
  • Excessive dryness and brittleness
  • Loss of natural shine and split ends

Side effects of permanent hair straightening:

  • You have to repeat the technique to retain the look
  • Excessive dryness and brittleness
  • The root of the hair will be curly while growing out and the rest will be straight
  • It can damage the hair texture
  • It can cause hair fall, loss of natural shine and split ends
  • It can cause an itchy scalp and dandruff

After treatment:

  • Make sure you use recommended styling products as recommended by your hairdresser
  • Do not scrub your hair hard when drying it – just pat it gently with a towel
  • Make sure you follow the specified rules given to you by your hairdresser
  • Make routine visits to your salon
  • Drink lots of water and eat healthy so you can restore health and nutrition to your hair

Twenty Minutes Makeover

We are all really, really busy these days. We hardly have time enough in the morning to put on flawless makeup and march into our offices like beauty queens. But who doesn’t want to look like a beauty queen, I sure do, and I am sure many of my dear readers also do…

I strongly believe in looking good.

As the great Elizabeth Arden had once quoted, “it is every woman’s birthright to look gorgeous”, and these days, when we are earning a fat paycheck, what’s wrong in pampering ourselves to some expensive cosmetics? Unfortunately most working women, can buy tons of make up and expensive cosmetics, but alas, they hardly get the time to wear all those lovely colors…

So here, I have tried giving some makeover tips, that can transform us into “almost Beauty queens”… remember I have used the term “almost”… so if you follow these simple tips, you’ll get that look, you’ll be intensely happy and it’ll be over in twenty minutes… so here we go…

There are two ways, you could read this article. One is just read the Steps (which are Bold and underlined, there are six of them) or read the entire article. If you follow just the six steps, you’ll have brilliant makeover in just twenty minutes…!!!

A clean skin… Makeup is like paint… just as a paint needs a fresh canvas, so does our cosmetics… before putting any sort of make up, make sure your skin is squeaky clean and of course well scrubbed Putting make up on a dirty skin is dangerous for the health of your skin.

STEP 1 : Wash your face with a gentle face wash or face scrub. Dab dry.

A splash of toner… A Toner or Astringent is a must product in any make up kit. They both are one and the same thing, there’s a little difference depending on the skin type. Its better to go for a Toner which is alcohol free. The most important use of a Toner, is self explanatory : it tones your skin, i.e. it closes open pores, thus tightening our skin.

STEP 2 : Use a ball of cotton. dab some toner/ astringent, and slowly dab your face and neck. It’ll give you a slight tingling sensation and you’ll be able to feel your pores closing. Avoid areas around eyes, strictly.

Foundation… Foundation is the basic to any skin care… a simple tip to choose a foundation suitable to one’s skin tone, is to match it to the color of your neckline. If your skin is very dry, try dabbing a bit of moisturizer on your face. Let the moisturizer be absorbed into your skin. Wait for 5-10 minutes before putting the foundation.

STEP 3 : The best foundation to use would be gel based. If you do not possess a gel or liquid based foundation, do not be hassled, a powder foundation would work just fine. If your skin is very dry or even moderately dry, the above procedure is required. Otherwise delicate lines begin to show up after the foundation is applied.

If you possess, normal to oily skin, you are good to go, after step 2.

While using foundation, I would recommend a foundation brush, but if you are in a hurry as most of the time we are, our palms do just fine. A small tip : whether you have normal, oily or dry skin, first dab a little bit moisturizer onto your palms, then dab in the foundation. using your palms as a palette, mix in the moisturizer and the foundation into a fine mix, and apply evenly all over your face and neck.

One important thing to bear in mind, is that while applying the foundation around your eye areas, please be a little careful. The area around your eyes is sensitive enough. Therefore while applying foundation, make sure you use only the first two fingers, i.e. the index finger and the middle to sweep gently under your eyes. Do not apply foundation on your eyebrows or eyelids.

The blush effect… Blushes have a very important role to play in your make up. It helps highlight your cheeks, and your jawbones to make your face look sculpted. Let’s face it people, not everyone of us, possess angular cheekbones and jaws, like that of Elizabeth Taylor, but you can make your’s look like that.

Like foundation, blushers, can come in powder or cream. The fundamental rule to buy a blush, is that, it should be one tone darker than your foundation.

STEP 4 : After applying the foundation, wait for 5 minutes for the skin to absorb the foundation. Now proceed to the blusher. Use a brush, (here I would not recommend using your palms) to dab some of the blusher onto the brush and pull your cheeks inwards, as if you are sucking onto something. This procedure exposes your cheekbones and jawbones. Now use the brush, in an upward sweep, from the fold that your cheeks make towards your eyes… apply just one coat first, and see if you need more.

A very important detail to keep in mind when applying make up is, less is the norm. Always apply less make up first, you can always add more.

Dark, kohl eyes… Now let’s come to the eyes. Who doesn’t love dark, kohl lined eyes ? I do for sure… Now eye make up is an art in itself and if one is aiming for a Twenty minute make up, they’ll have to do with just the kohl, the eyeliner and the mascara.

STEP 5 : Start with the Mascara first. Apply a coat on the upper eyelashes, drawing from inner to outer lashes. Make sure the edges are not smudged. First apply a coat on the upper layer of the upper eyelash, then go for the lower layer, so that the entire effect is dark and heavy. Never apply mascara on your lower eyelashes. Your eyes would look droopy and very “Ozzy Osbourn-nish”, I don’t think any sensible woman wants that.

Next take your eye liner and start from the inner corner of your eyes, following the shape of your eyes, draw a fine line towards the outer edge. This has to be done a bit carefully, and first timers need practice. Your line should not be so broad as to smudge your eyebrows, when you open your eyes, nor should be so fine, that it gets lost in the lashes. You have to maintain that fine balance.

Next come to the kohl. This is optional, since some people, like to stick with just the liner. You can also use your liner to great artistic effect, but since I prefer Kohl, because of its dark color, I would go with it. Anyways, both the processes are more or less same. Hold your eyes, as if you are wearing contacts, and then draw along the edge of your eyes, from the inner corner to the outer corner. Make sure that the middle part is dark in color. Put at least two coats of kohl or liner on your eyes.

To finish off, brush another coat of mascara in the same process as mentioned above.

Luscious Lips… Dark eyes and bright lips… what a glamorous combination.

I love lipsticks, be they be dark red, mahogany, pink, twilight, nude,brown… anything, I just love lipsticks… and I do believe most of you must also love it.

Of course when you are rushing to keep an appointment you cannot stand by and decide which color would suit the dress, rather you have any color on, and rush off to keep your appointment. Here’s a trick that I have. Always keep a standard color of lipstick in your makeup box. The color should be the one which looks good on your skin tone. It could be nude, or red or pink, or somewhere in-between , but it should suit you despite whatever clothes you are wearing Always buy two of this same shade and keep one in your bag, as in in your travelling bag, and the other in your cosmetics box. So when you are in a hurry, and have to dab something, this color will do just fine. When rushing somewhere always use that color, it will look good, despite the color of your dress.

STEP 6 : Take a pint size moisturizer on your index finger and gently rub it on your lips. Then take a lip liner, remember the liner should be at least a tone darker than your lipstick, and gently form the outline of your lips. Then fill in your lips with your lipstick.

A little tip, to make a lipstick look matte, even if its glossy, take a tissue, and press your lips upon it. It’ll work wonders.

All done, sprite some of your favorite perfume and do up your hair. Get your purse, snap on your watch and make sure you have your shades on, if its hot outside. And viola…!!! you are ready…

If you want to make this even shorter, you can skip Step 2 and 4… It will finish off the job earlier.

5 Beauty Habits You Really Should Break

You have employed every beauty tactic you know and still haven’t achieved the desired results, what is it that you could be doing wrong? Many people in a bid to get excellent results have found the going rough and instead of looking their best have ended up with blemished skin and unpleasant. There are some bad beauty habits that you should break away from if you are to enjoy excellent results.

Below are 5 major mistakes that you could be making:

  1. Too much exfoliation: – While you can get rid of grime and dead skin cells through facial scrubs, excessive scrubbing will only end up messing up things for you. Your face scrubbed gently and this shouldn’t be overdone if you are looking for a wonderful, glowing skin. Avoid using a harsh scrub or scrubbing too vigorously as this will only result in an oversensitive skin or worse still give you broken capillaries. You should also use products that are gentle on your facial skin and which can easily be applied and peeled from the skin using your fingers. Make sure that the facial scrub is not too harsh on your skin.
  2. Picking pimples and spots: – Does this sound familiar? Many people make this blunder of squeezing a spot on the face immediately it appears and this simply opens the gates wide for the bacteria held inside the clogged pore to spread in the surrounding parts of the skin. This also causes scars on your face leaving you looking unpleasant. Instead of squeezing the spot, it is advisable that you apply some spot treatment or purifying face mask and allow it to settle overnight and then wash it the following morning. If this doesn’t work for you, consult your beauty therapist.
  3. Overuse of cosmetic products: – Excessive use of cosmetic products on your facial skin can be detrimental. It is good to understand that all the cosmetic products are made from chemicals and have an effect on your skin in one way or the other. While at it, it is important to consider using herbal and natural skin products as these are normally mild but even in this case, avoiding excessive usage. You should also avoid combining different products unless they have been manufactured to be used together. Do not overdo it!
  4. Not cleaning off your makeup before going to bed: – You hit the door in the morning looking gorgeous in your make-ups and now you are back after the tough day at work. Please, don’t sleep with your make-ups still on. Washing your face before going to bed will help rid the skin of grime, oil and makeup thus allowing the pores to function correctly. You can clean your face using the available products or a wet towel dripped in warm water. Do not use hot water! You could do chemical peels which will help refurbish that youthful glow, lighten dark patches, and even banish some of those wrinkles around your lips and eyes.
  5. Using the wrong products and tools:- Before using any beauty product and especially those used on your face, it is important to be sure that they are safe for your skin. You should also avoid using rough textured brushes on your facial skin. Additionally, it is good to clean your brush regularly thus getting rid of grime and oil residues that could react with your skin during use.

These are some of the main beauty habits that many people have embraced and the most unfortunate thing is that they hinder the achievement of the desired beauty results. It is also important to discuss your beauty habits with your therapist as this will expose you to greater knowledge and advice.


Natural Remedies To Prevent Hair Loss

As the old adage says, “You are what you eat.” Reality is, “You are what you eat, or don’t eat.” For years I struggled with extreme hair loss and I didn’t know what to do. If you have ever been in my shoes, I’m not saying a few pieces of hair in my hair brush; I’m referring to the handfuls of hair in the bottom of the drain in the shower, hair all over the bathroom, and, of course, loads of hair in my brush.

Panic began to set in when I could feel my hair thinning and I was only 35 years old! I was living an extremely stressful life. I didn’t eat properly, couldn’t sleep soundly, and bought the hair products that were “on sale” because they were a “great” deal, or I used the shampoo in the hotels I was staying in.

I began researching the causes of hair loss and discovered that I was a prime target for extreme hair loss. As I studied the best hair loss solutions, I learned it wasn’t so much what I was taking into my body that was affecting the health of my hair, it was more what I wasn’t taking into my body. Eating on the fly, grabbing anything to keep the hunger pains from disrupting productivity, no matter how vitamin deficient it was.

I was so wound up all of the time that forcing myself to relax was next to impossible. Sleep was napping at best! Our bodies, including our hair, need time to repair and rejuvenate itself. If you are unable to relax and sleep, chances are, you are damaging more than your hair. Thus, your body begins to break down, often times resulting in excessive hair loss.

The “bargain” hair products were also contributing to my hair loss. It’s not just what you take in, or don’t take into your body, it is also what you are putting on your hair. Many products on the market are filled with chemicals that break down the hair, damage the scalp, and clog hair follicles. Sounds nice, huh? Especially since so many of them claim to promote healthy hair.

It wasn’t enough to learn how to prevent hair loss; I had to change my lifestyle. After modifying my lifestyle in these three areas, my hair began to grow in thick and healthy again. My hair solutions weren’t easy, but I learned simple methods to improve my eating habits on the fly, I adopted a few tricks to relieve stress, and I found healthy hair products that were great for my hair!

How To Choose A Deodorant

What’s the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant?

Deodorant only kills the bacteria that are responsible for body odor. This bacterium is secreted during sweating. Deodorants don’t keep you from sweating.

Antiperspirants stop you from sweating by clogging the pores that secrete the sweat. The danger of doing this has been discussed over and over, but until now there haven’t been any conclusive studies about the connection between ingredients used in antiperspirants and any disease. By definition, and antiperspirant will stop you from sweating (Depending on its strength and the degree of your sweating).

Also, powerful, clinical-strength antiperspirants almost always contain aluminum or derivate, so it’s really an act of balancing excessive sweating and possibly harmful ingredients that can be found in antiperspirants.

Which one should you choose: deodorant or antiperspirant?

If you are a man who sweats a lot, and leads an active life, you might consider using an antiperspirant. If you’re worried about harmful ingredients, you can buy a natural antiperspirant, although it will be more expensive. If you simply want to remove the bad odor that sweat produces you can buy a deodorant.

Best deodorant for excessive sweating

Although if suffer from excessive sweating, you will probably need an antiperspirant, you can also use a deodorant. So, what is the best deodorant for men who sweat a lot?

Well, you can go classic with deodorants like Old Spice Classic, or even some more modern ones, like Ozone Layer. Ozone Layer uses oxygen to kill the odor causing bacteria. It does so by oxidizing the odor causing bacteria.

If you’re worried about harmful ingredients in your deodorant, and you don’t want to spend your valuable time reading and understating the ingredients used in them, there are solutions for you. Deodorants like Deodomom or JungleMan use very few ingredients in their composition, and definitely don’t use any harmful ones.

DeodoMom for example uses only 2 ingredients: water and magnesium (a safe to eat mineral). JungleMan also uses only 4 ingredients.

As for the effectiveness of these deodorants, most people say they work well enough, but they might not be adequate for excessive sweating. At the end of the day it’s a tradeoff between effectiveness and worries about ingredients. You can perfectly choose a natural deodorant or antiperspirant, although it will be more expensive. This guide to deodorants and antiperspirants will help you choose the best one for your needs.

We hope this article helped you in your quest to find the best deodorant for your skin type and sweat problems, and keep in mind that when buying an antiperspirant or deodorant you should always check the ingredients before hand.