You have employed every beauty tactic you know and still haven’t achieved the desired results, what is it that you could be doing wrong? Many people in a bid to get excellent results have found the going rough and instead of looking their best have ended up with blemished skin and unpleasant. There are some bad beauty habits that you should break away from if you are to enjoy excellent results.

Below are 5 major mistakes that you could be making:

  1. Too much exfoliation: – While you can get rid of grime and dead skin cells through facial scrubs, excessive scrubbing will only end up messing up things for you. Your face scrubbed gently and this shouldn’t be overdone if you are looking for a wonderful, glowing skin. Avoid using a harsh scrub or scrubbing too vigorously as this will only result in an oversensitive skin or worse still give you broken capillaries. You should also use products that are gentle on your facial skin and which can easily be applied and peeled from the skin using your fingers. Make sure that the facial scrub is not too harsh on your skin.
  2. Picking pimples and spots: – Does this sound familiar? Many people make this blunder of squeezing a spot on the face immediately it appears and this simply opens the gates wide for the bacteria held inside the clogged pore to spread in the surrounding parts of the skin. This also causes scars on your face leaving you looking unpleasant. Instead of squeezing the spot, it is advisable that you apply some spot treatment or purifying face mask and allow it to settle overnight and then wash it the following morning. If this doesn’t work for you, consult your beauty therapist.
  3. Overuse of cosmetic products: – Excessive use of cosmetic products on your facial skin can be detrimental. It is good to understand that all the cosmetic products are made from chemicals and have an effect on your skin in one way or the other. While at it, it is important to consider using herbal and natural skin products as these are normally mild but even in this case, avoiding excessive usage. You should also avoid combining different products unless they have been manufactured to be used together. Do not overdo it!
  4. Not cleaning off your makeup before going to bed: – You hit the door in the morning looking gorgeous in your make-ups and now you are back after the tough day at work. Please, don’t sleep with your make-ups still on. Washing your face before going to bed will help rid the skin of grime, oil and makeup thus allowing the pores to function correctly. You can clean your face using the available products or a wet towel dripped in warm water. Do not use hot water! You could do chemical peels which will help refurbish that youthful glow, lighten dark patches, and even banish some of those wrinkles around your lips and eyes.
  5. Using the wrong products and tools:- Before using any beauty product and especially those used on your face, it is important to be sure that they are safe for your skin. You should also avoid using rough textured brushes on your facial skin. Additionally, it is good to clean your brush regularly thus getting rid of grime and oil residues that could react with your skin during use.

These are some of the main beauty habits that many people have embraced and the most unfortunate thing is that they hinder the achievement of the desired beauty results. It is also important to discuss your beauty habits with your therapist as this will expose you to greater knowledge and advice.


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